About Me

Joanna worked in publishing for fifteen years before becoming a freelance graphic designer in 2000. This allowed her the opportunity to train as a massage therapist with the Oxford School of Massage, graduating in 2002.

She ran both businesses and continued training in advance techniques until finally becoming a full-time therapist in 2007.

Joanna is continually expanding her knowledge of and passion for bodywork with advanced post-graduate courses. She has trained with: John F. Barnes in the US in Myofascial Release and also worked with him in clinic for a week in October 2010; The Upledger Institute UK in CranioSacral Therapy (John Page, Susan Steiner, Hank Meldrum, Ken Koles, Carol McLellan, Nikki Kenward, Tim Hutton); The Barral Institute in Visceral Manipulation (Peter Coppola); Jing Advanced Massage (Rachel Fairweather, Meghan Mari, Tracey Kiernen); and the Myofascial Clinic UK (Anne Cruikshank, Rachel Fairweather). She worked as a Consultant Therapist for RSI Clinics for a number of years.

She is registered and insured with Embody (the Complementary Therapists Association) and is a Network Member of the CranioSacral Society.



John F Barnes Myofascial Release
         MFR I
         MFR II
         Skills Enhancement Seminar
         Fascial Pelvis
         Women’s Health
         Cervical Thoracic

Upledger Institute UK:
         CranioSacral Therapy Level I
         CranioSacral Therapy Level II
         SomatoEmotional Release Level I
         SomatoEmotional Release Level II
         Advanced Level I
         Unwinding the Meridians
         The Immune Response
         Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing I
         Paediatrics I
         The Brain Speaks
         Paediatrics II

Myofascial Release UK
         Integrated Myofascial Release Therapy
         MFR for Abdominal Scar Tissue and Adhesions
         Fascial Approaches for Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction

The Barral Institute
         Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen I

Jing and Myofascial Clinic UK:
         Myofascial Release Foundation
         Myofascial Release Advanced Course
         Myofascial Release Course for Fibromyalgia
         and Chronic Fatigue
         Myofascial Release Unwinding

Jing Advanced Massage:
         Holistic Medical Massage Series:
                  Advanced Stretching Techniques
                  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
                  Hip and Pelvis
                  Intensive Course in Advanced Clinical Massage
                  Leg, Knee and Foot Pain
                  Low Back Pain
                  Neck and Upper Shoulder Pain
                  Ribs, Thorax and Abdomen
                  Shoulder Girdle Pain
                  TMJ, Face, Headache and Jaw Pain
         Hot Stone Fusion Therapy
         Living Anatomy
         Save Your Hands
         Table Thai

Oxford School of Massage:
         ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage
         Massage and Cancer

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