'Joanna was highly recommended to me and I went along to my first appointment eager to discover more. I found she listened sensitively and then began a treatment programme, gently releasing and easing both old and more recent injuries. Her room is a cocoon of healing where her skills as a practitioner, and her intuitive understanding, make every session a step back to the 'me' I used to be. A journey I didn't know I could undertake until I visited Joanna at The Payne Clinic.'



'I feel as if Joanna and I have been on a journey around my body and mind for the last few months which has brought me expected – and, perhaps more importantly, unexpected – health and fitness benefits!
'Joanna has a thoughtful and considered approach and asks meaningful questions that help me to identify not only the more obvious pain symptoms but the underlying factors that could be causing the issues I had been experiencing. She also took me expertly to some things that I hadn’t even noticed but which we are now working to correct.
'The results can sometimes seem obscure but after a series of treatments, I can see more obvious results emerging. I have experienced an increase in energy and motivation levels as a result of the holistic process of addressing mind and body together, and of finding inner pathways and ways to release their stored up toxins and blockages.
'I would recommend Joanna to anyone who has tried conventional routes to solving longer term health issues and who is prepared to try something different. Take the first step, confident that you are in excellent hands and see where it takes you. You might be just as surprised and pleased with your results as I have been!'



I'd reached the point of giving up when one day I was trawling the internet for alternative treatment for pelvic pain following what felt like a urinary infection. After a course of antibiotics the pain was still there. I found Joanna’s Payne Clinic website and contacted her hardly daring to believe she might be able to help. Starting out of the blue, 4 months after having a baby, the same week I found out my mum had cancer and I had a smear test, I had a burning, stabbing, aching sensation from my urethra right to my back passage and tailbone, pain which meant I could hardly sit down and making life almost impossible trying to cope with two young children. This was now impacting every part of my life. I had frequent urination and an overall gnawing and nerve pain all over ‘down there’. It was also starting to hurt in my left hip and lower back.
At this point I'd had every scan, internal examination, seen countless doctors and was still left with no diagnosis. It also seemed odd to me that internal examination and intercourse didn’t trigger any pain despite being in such discomfort the rest of the time. I was also suffering from severe anxiety, thinking that it was something sinister. I'd read about MFR but it seemed more an American thing! You can imagine how great it was to find Joanna and to hear her say that all my symptoms could be due to ‘tight fascia’ in and around the pelvic area.
Travelling to Joanna’s clinic meant more than a 3-hour round trip each time but she would be so flexible with appointments and could often work around me. The length of journey was well worth it and it turned out to be the best time and money spent to turn my life around.
Joanna was able to reassure me during the first appointment and started work right away. She thought it all might have been due to an episiotomy scar, and indeed during the few days after the first session, the sensations moved to that area and reminded me of how it felt when the stitches were there. After around 6 treatments the difference was significant, initially with more pain-free than painful days and only the odd flare up. By the 8th treatment I had no scar pain except for the occasional niggle. Through internal and external scar tissue release I'm now pain free! She now continues to help me with other aches and pains!
The NHS had given up on me but Joanna didn't and I never felt uncomfortable around her with something that was so intimate and sensitive. I'd urge anyone especially women suffering pain ‘down below’ to visit Joanna! An amazing woman.



‘Although I have only been seeing Joanna for a relatively short time, I have found her treatment to be immensely helpful. I have a greater sense of moving back into my body, bit by bit, and she has certainly helped me open up to the possibility that I might well reside there again one day. Being such a highly intuitive and compassionate practitioner enables her to have a great sensitivity to one’s individual needs.’

Chipping Norton, Oxon


‘Having dealt with my emotional past using 'verbal therapies' I was still left with tension and rigidity in the body. Now Joanna's CranioSacral treatment releases that tension beautifully! I find that her treatment frees up my body and my mind at the same time.’



‘Joanna came highly recommended by another therapist who was on maternity leave. She has helped me so much over the past months, treating a painful hip with Myofascial Pain Release, and indeed getting to the root of other aches and pains.

 ‘I find Joanna very caring and professional with her treatments, she always seems to “hit the spot” with whatever treatments she gives.

 ‘I look forward to her treatments every few weeks and she has helped me get my life back on track.’

Finstock, Oxon.


‘I first went to Joanna with a painful shoulder which hurt when I put my hand-bag on the car seat or picked up a jar of coffee. She quickly found the source of this pain, treated it and taught me how to treat myself. Since then we have worked our way through a multiple of aches and pains with a combination of trigger point therapy and myofascial release. 

 ‘My body now feels completely different to when I began seeing Joanna –where once I had chronic aches now I have short term ‘niggles’ caused by lifting heavy weights or wearing stupidly high heels. I am confident that she can resolve any aches or pains that I present her with and that she will give me the tools and the knowledge to continue my treatment at home.’

Manon Bradley
Under 70kg bench press World Champion 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
Under 70kg squat World Champion 2009, 2011
World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation


‘I have been a huge fan of Joanna's since she sorted out my tennis elbow in one sitting. Honestly, I don't know how she does it but I feel so much better after her sessions and, having returned with various bits of me for attention, I have now sent my hubby for her ministrations. Joanna has the ability to find the right spot and to do just the right thing at the right time to relieve pain and to promote a real sense of well-being.’



‘Thank you for the treatments you gave me, both the physical and mental strength you imparted have been invaluable.’



‘I would like to thank you for being such a great source of help and support to me since I have known you and for which I am extremely grateful. My health both mentally and physically has improved greatly.’



‘You are exceptionally accessible and put me at ease im-mediately you opened the door. Our subsequent chats just confirmed that instinctive feeling.’



‘I was originally referred to Joanna by a colleague who rated her extremely highly, and I wasn’t disappointed. Joanna is very serious about her work and committed to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding a solution to her clients’ problems. She certainly went the extra mile for me, trying out various treatments until we found the best ones for my complaint. She creates a very relaxed but professional atmosphere in her treatment room and that makes the experience a pleasant one, even when she’s getting into some painful places!’



‘She has magic in her hands.’



'A cycle ride that was possibly a few miles too many, although I didn't realise it at the time, probably contributed to my experience with Polymyalgia Rheumatica. After following various avenues for treatment, I visited Joanna for the first time about a year ago when she suggested a very gentle form of massage, called Myofascial Release. In contrast to other rather 'heavy handed' therapy I had experienced elsewhere, I found the treatment with Joanna both calming and soothing and I am sure this has contributed to my being well on the road to a full recovery. I now have an appointment with Joanna once a month or so, just to maintain a steady recovery and to relax beautifully for an hour or so.’

Near Chipping Norton, Oxon.


‘I have been massaged by Joanna Payne for just over four years now on a weekly basis. I have arthritis and polymyalgia and find a combination of massage and myofascial release helps my pain a great deal.’

Bletchingdon, Oxon

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