Hot Stone Fusion

Hot Stone Fusion is different to some so-called hot stone massage where the massage is done as usual with the hands and the stones are just placed on or below the body. With Hot Stone Fusion, the massage is actually done using the stones, which are lovely and smooth, and many of the strokes are up and down the whole body. (Don't worry, at all times you will be appropriately draped.) I use a lovely natural massage wax made of simply Sussex beeswax, sunflower oil and vitamin E oil, made by a friend of mine in Sussex.

A full body relaxation massage using a fusion of hot stones and hands is ‘a little bit of heaven’. The massage is performed with the stones and therapeutically:

1. increases metabolism
2. increases circulation
3. promotes deep relaxation
4. helps to combat stress
5. increases tissue elasticity

The stones can also be used COLD:

1. to prevent and reduce swelling
2. decrease inflammation
3. decrease pain
4. decrease spasm
5. increase ease of movement

In some cases the use of hot AND cold stones in Contrast Bathing is indicated in order to increase circulation and to help expel toxins. This is particularly beneficial for face massage and is used to end the full body massage.

The stones have been hand chosen and collected from river beds all over the world: deserts of the US, beaches of Mexico, Japan and Africa. Made of basalt, they are naturally smooth and a delight to touch and be touched by.

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