Chronic Pain

(also Undiagnosed Pain)


Restrictions in the myofascia, or fascia (myo just means 'muscle'), can cause this kind of pain which baffles many medics and other therapists. The pain can seem to move around the body requiring a whole body approach, which is what both Myofascial Release Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy offer. When you think about the fascial system as a complete body system, completely connected like a 3D body stocking, you can understand how fascial restrictions in one part of the body can cause pain and restriction of movement in another. Unfortunately conventional medicine tends to compartmentalise the body into separate systems and areas, which doesn't allow for this connectivity and the issues that occur within the myofascial system. See Myofascial Release page for more information. Myofascial Release is very relaxing, though in some instances releases can occur in an emotional way as well as physically.  

Joanna's work always involves a hands-on approach, concentrating on any aches and pains that the patient has at that time, but most importantly, she gives them time to discuss their issues, and if emotional stuff comes up while she is doing this bodywork, she works with the patient to see if resolving emotional problems at the same time as physical ones, releases in the fascia can occur.


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