(also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME)


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or ME, is on one end of the same scale where Fybromyalgia is at the other. Conditions caused by tight fascia on a global scale in the body causes both the general fatigue on the one hand and the fascial pain on the other, with aching and brain fog a common problem. Joanna is trained to address the mind at the same time as the body, and considers them as one complete unit. Joanna's work always involves a hands-on approach, concentrating on any aches and pains that the patient has at that time, but most importantly, she gives them time to discuss their issues, and if emotional stuff comes up while she is doing this bodywork, she works with the patient to see if resolving emotional problems at the same time as physical ones, releases in the fascia can occur. With Fybromyalgia clients the fascia is generally very tight and there are often multiple restrictions. This seems to be what causes their pain, and the nature of fascia is what makes this pain so difficult to pin down and causes it to move from one part of the body to another in a seemingly random way. Big changes can upset clients, so we work on a little-by-little basis. They can sometimes feel worse for a few days afterwards, but then feel much better, and sometimes there is no improvement but they feel that it is doing them some good. This can give them a positive outlook in an otherwise depressing situation.

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